Gnanesh passion for all things tech comes from his school days of building robots. He went on to pursue a master’s degree in Electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa. He is one of the first employees to join the SnowM team. His focus is to bring SnowM’s innovations to market and expand engineering services to other mission critical applications. During his spare time Gnanesh likes watching cricket.

What’s it like to work at SnowM?

I love the fact that I am gaining valuable real-world experience in IoT and working with latest network technologies, LTE Cat M1 and NB IoT, specifically designed for the needs of applications targeting the Internet of Things (IoT). What excites me the most is that as a tech start up our focus is to invent, design and build innovative IOT solutions that cater to different markets. The hardware and software development of the IoT solution is often complex, not everyone is lucky enough to get an experience in building a complete end to end solution. I finally have the chance to work on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ready products that I’ve been passionate about for a very long time. For me, this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with an extremely intelligent group of people who have a chance to make a lasting impact on the entire world.

What is the tech behind SnowM and what’s your focus?

Our team designs attractive, easy-to-use cellular-connected devices, with rich data analytics and reporting. What makes SnowM an interesting startup is our innovation approach. This is reflected in all the products we develop. What is unique about us is that our ability to combine wireless charging technology and machine learning to create smart devices that deliver greater energy and cost efficient products.

Right now we’re doing small pilot and proof of concept projects. We’re still in the development phase and we want to make sure we’re building the right product that is more robust, efficient, and reliable.  Our pilot projects are giving us critical insights. Our goal is to launch the products in the next 3-5 months for B2B markets.

What are some of the emerging markets for SnowM’s product?

Our products are capable to suit number of industry vertical markets, such as smart cities, Proximity marketing, Environment monitoring, Asset tracking and verification, indoor navigation etc.

How do you see your future with SnowM?

Choosing the career in the Internet of Things is a great option because the IoT is an ever-growing field and, consequently, offers great opportunities and working with a product company like SnowM, not only gives me that rich experience but also I am able to directly contribute to the growth of the company. I am sure with the skills I acquire I can create a wider impact in the IoT ecosystem.

What does it feel like a young graduate from Ontario joining an Ottawa based firm?

During my two year period of living in Ontario and studying in the university, I fell in love with this beautiful province and I had made up my mind to earn a living here. I am fortunate to find the right opening in an Ottawa based start-up that I will be proud to work for.

Any advice to aspiring engineers in Canada?

My advice to all students, at Canada and beyond:  If you don’t learn about IoT in the classroom make sure that you get it outside the curriculum. Your future career could depend upon this.

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