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Recently, The Farmers’ Almanac has released its winter forecast, warning Canadians and Americans to brace up for a long and harsh winter. Dip in temperature will be accompanied with heavy snowfall and incidences of storm starting November. Quoting Mr. Peter Geiger, Editor, The Farmers’ Almanac,

The Farmers’ Almanac has predicted that Atlantic Canada and Quebec will experience ‘cold weather’, Ontario will face ‘biting cold’, and Prairies will have to brave the ‘teeth-chattering cold’. These places will also witness various levels of snowfall and storm.

“You cannot escape to Florida. I think we even talk about a frost in April down in Louisiana”, as told by Mr. Geiger sums up the predictions for the US. The Farmers’ Almanac forecasts an unusually cold winter for the entire US not sparing even Florida and Louisiana which generally enjoy normal weather conditions.

Professional snow clearing and challenges

Snow management companies are professionals who brave the adverse climatic conditions and send their fleet to help residents get rid of the piling up snow. These professionals maneuver their trucks in risky snow-laden roads to clear off paths and yards of homes of those living in the neighborhood. Yet, these professionals have a tough time satisfying their customers because thick fog and heavy snowing affect snow clearance operations resulting in:

  • Snow clearing fleets missing out on homes that needs their service
  • Dissatisfied and angry customers
  • Reputation of snow contractors at stake and companies on the verge of losing business
  • Costs lot of time and money to send the fleet back to service just one home that got missed

 Allow SnowM Marker to clear the snow!

SnowM, a B2B company works with the singular goal of “connecting businesses with their environment and connecting people with their surroundings.” Thus, arriving at a revolutionary product – the SnowM Marker for efficient snow management service.

SnowM Marker is a unique product with intelligent and functional features solving real world problems of snow clearing. As an answer to the above-mentioned challenges faced during snow clearing operations, SnowM Marker comes with the following benefits:

  • Real time service information and tracking
  • No GPS dependency to detect service points
  • Monitor each property at a micro level
  • It informs fleet drivers if they missed out on a home
  • Marker also re-routes fleet around obstacles on their path so that no time is wasted and customers aren’t kept waiting
  • Live reporting of service status

How SnowM Marker Works?


  • Log in to the SnowM Marker application
  • Assign job to the crew member


  • Driver/crew member receives the notification regarding the job assigned
  • Opens the mobile app
  • Clicks on start job
  • Selects the route and starts moving to the location


  • Once he reaches the location, Marker alerts the crew, “hey you have a property to be served in 700 meters slow down”
  • The driver then gets the snow cleared from the property
  • Capture before and after pictures
  • Move to the next property


  • If the fleet driver faces any obstacle such as cars parked at drive ways, Marker crew reports to admin application


  • Real-time and granular level monitoring of the fleet crew’s ongoing service at a particular property

Marker technology can help in myriad industries such as landscaping, security, snow and ice management, lawn care service and any kind of large-scale property maintenance. SnowM Marker is designed and manufactured in Canada.

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